HDR Students

Supervision to completion of Honours and Higher degree students

I currently supervise three Honours students and have had three Honours completions, all First Class Honours. One of my Honours students received the University Medal at UWS in 2011. I currently supervise five PhD students and I have had six PhD completions. I have had four Masters Honours completions. In total I have had 10 higher degree completions. Six of my students have received scholarships.

Honours completions

2009 – Jeni Stevens (BN Honours 1st Class)- Midwives’ and Doulas’ Perspectives of the Role of the Doula in Australia: A qualitative study (Focus groups- thematic analysis)
2010 – Heather Pearce (BN Honours 1st Class) – Pregnancy related low back and pelvic girdle pain: Listening to Australian women (Cross sectional survey)
2011 – Holly Priddis (BN Honours 1st class and UWS University Medal) – Facilitating physiological birth positioning in two different birth settings: An ethnographic exploration into facilitators and inhibitors (Ethnographic study)

Masters Honours completions

2012 – Felicity Copeland (Masters Hons) – Midwives interpretation of childbirth through photo elicitation (Inductive qualitative design using photo elicitation)
2012 – Susan Harvey (Masters Hons – Award for best thesis 2014)) – Judgement, hope and identity: Stories of health care mothering in the perinatal period from women receiving opioid treatment (Narrative analysis)
2014 – Suha Hussein (Masters Honours – Award for best thesis 2014) – The barriers and facilitators of introducing evidence-based practices around the use of episiotomy in Jordan. (Quality improvement study)
2015 – Hazel Keedle (MHons)- Women’s reasons for and experiences of having a homebirth following a previous caesarean section. (Thematic analysis)

PhD Completions

2013 – Christine Catling (PhD) – The influences on women who choose a publicly funded homebirth (Grounded Theory)
2014 – Debra Betts (PhD) – Acupuncture treatment in threatened miscarriage: A mixed methods study (Mixed methods RCT, survey, interviews).
2015 – Melanie Jackson (PhD) – Birthing Outside the System. (Gounded theory)
2015 – Holly Priddis (PhD) – An evaluation of Health Services for women who have experienced severe perineal trauma: A mixed methods study. (Mixed methods, population based linkage data study, interviews, focus goups -thematic analysis
2015 – Mike Amour (PhD) – The effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea: A mixed methods study (RCT, survey, in-depth interviews).
2015 – Kate Levett (PhD)- The Complete Birth Study: Effectiveness of a complex antenatal education program incorporating complementary medicine techniques for pain relief in labour and birth for first time mothers: A mixed methods study (RCT, in-depth interviews, focus group).

Examination of thesis

I have examined more than 10 PhD, Masters Honours and Honours thesis.