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Other non-peer reviewed publications

The following publications are in professional journals or parenting magazines that are not peer reviewed. The professional journals reach clinical midwives and managers across the state. These publications do impact on the practice of midwifery. The parenting magazines are sold in newsagents across Australia and provide vital evidence based information for the consumer of maternity services. In total I have published over 200 articles and editorials in the following magazines/journals since 1999.


  1. Australian Midwifery News is the Australian College of Midwives journal and reaches over 5000 midwives throughout Australia (4 articles published since 2010)


  1. Midwifery Matters is the Australian College of Midwives NSW journal and reaches over 1500 midwives throughout NSW (over 80 articles and editorials published since 1999)


  1. Australian Parents Magazine is a popular magazine for women across Australia. I was nominated as writer of the year by the magazine in 2001 (101 articles published since 1999)


  1. Australian Pregnancy Magazine was a popular magazine published between 1999-2000 (12 articles published between 1999-2000)